Multiple 24 x Image square montage of Numbers, Numerals and Figures.. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

One of the plus points for me about PhotoShop (I only use about 5% of it’s features for basic image correction 95% of the time – but never for effects and tricks) is that I can quickly combine images to make a matrix… in fact it is simple to make several of different numbers, proportions and dimensions if you have the image material in stock. I have around 10,000 digital images with the Alamy on-line image agency in the UK, with around 50 similar treatments as this under a pseudonym “Multiples”. I use a dozen pseudos for my stock because it is so varied… from “Farming Today” and “Fabricate” (for the building and construction industries) to “a la France” and “UK Scenes” to name a few.

This sale popped into my account overnight – a matrix of numbers which were individually taken during a period of probably thirty years, on film and digital, and are typical of various “collections” of subjects I have – for full-page usage in a weekly magazine with a 2 million print-run.

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