#42 – Don’t clean-off the dust… add to it!

Sunflower Pollen, France. [Alamy image ref. BNGGWR]

“Is this image digitally altered?” is one of the tick-boxes on the Alamy “Manage Images” keywording page… and is surely either taken with a pinch of salt, or, enhancing colours and cloning-out ugly TV aerials doesn’t count in the definition of “altered”. I frequently do both… but not to the extent that they are noticeable… although admittedly, the solid blue sky colour of the French sud-Touraine must look agonisingly artificial compared to those Alamy photographers living in Manchester or Bradford!

But I jest… although there are changes that can be and are made to images even before they are taken… not that they should be. The image above, of pollen on a Sunflower leaf, was “enhanced” by knocking the flower head a few times too increase the amount of natural yellow dust on the dark green leaf. Was that cheating, to produce a false image? I don’t think so… I was merely advancing the amount of pollen settled on the leaf by a day or so, and had I returned a day or two later would have had the same result as shown. But opportunity being what it is… better to shoot first and ask the questions later!

This image was licensed RM by Alamy for full-page reproduction in a textbook with a 100,000 print-run as well as an e-book with a ten-year license under my “Farming Today” pseudonym, which includes all agricultural subjects, crops, machinery, farmed animals and related foods from bread to cheese.


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