#40 – When your back’s to the wall…

Slate rockface detail, Wales. [Alamy image ref. B5M6K2]

Back in my days in mid-West Wales the general observation of the landscape and climate was wild, wet and windy. Of course there were many areas and days of beautiful and balmy views and conditions, but the latter were not as common as the former.

What did impress, though, was that no matter how harsh the conditions in that superb blend of coastal to mountainous country, here were always subjects to be found for a photographer. Taking the above image as an example; I was sitting in a small sheltered cove with my wife watching a storm abating over the Irish Sea… and on turning around to return to the car I noticed how the light was highlighting the rocky face that we had been sitting against. The rockface was curved from being cut and carved by man and nature over many years… so the natural light effects on the stone changed in the space of a few yards from being in deep shadow to glancing highlight… as shown here.

I shot several frames according to color and shape combinations (this was in the days of film so relatively restricted in number compared to today’s digital practice and output!) and later chose those which showed the most interesting abstract effect and with no impression of true scale – technical photographs of similar subjects would include a measuring stick or ruler as a reference.

I have to add that I didn’t think this image would ever be licensed commercially… but that just shows how wrong we can be or lacking in imagination (not to mention hope) at certain times with our creative output. How many similar images we include in our uploading to Alamy and other agencies is open to question… but in order to cover all bases we have to do just that – and if we don’t then someone else will… and possibly profit!

This image was licensed by Alamy for a Spanish language magazine under my “Nature” pseudonym, which includes subjects such as this geological detail as well as the obvious plant, animal, insect and sky-scape subjects amongst others.


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