#27 – Splash of color… Creative or crap?

Splash of Color. [Alamy image ref. BJ2PWA]

Some readers may cursorily regard the above image as equal in content to the piles of rubbish and muddy traces of waste seen in the previous two articles. Well, each to his own… but as is also often said… beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

I sort-of remember doing this piece of artwork at college in Manchester but am unsure of the exact year – which reminds me of the old saying, “If you can remember the sixties you weren’t really there!” One of my tutors was the late Liverpool Pop artist and poet Adrian Henri who encouraged “free expression” with one’s hands, body and mind, with media from tubes of paint to events or “happenings”.

At the time another particularly admired artist was Jackson Pollock, the American abstract expressionist action painter, whose dribble paintings were held in awe, by many students, as much as his alcohol-related car accident which killed him at the early age of 44 only a decade before. A Pollock painting currently holds the world record for the most expensive piece of art – “No. 5, 1948” was sold privately to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim in 2006 for US$140 million!

My cut as a repro fee for my own abstract art was about a millionth of the Pollock amount… but a welcome sum nevertheless as it had remained hidden in my college artwork portfolio for almost 45 years until I decided to take a few photos of the contents on the off-chance – a very small chance – such an abstract image would be used when, and this was the mental argument that stopped me doing it before, it would have been in competition for reproduction in the media with works by many famous artists from Picasso to Pollock whose artwork is available free for publishing from many museum and gallery sources.

The above piece measures 30 x 20 inches and was created in less than 5 minutes using blue and white gouache paints, a palette knife and some Pollock style dribbling. If news of this gets out to the wide world… I can be contacted for a private sale subject to negotiations. It could be a good investment… you never know… one day I’ll be dead… and dead artists appreciate faster than live ones!

Licensed by Alamy under my “Ed Buziak” pseudo (I have less than 100 images under my own name from more than 8,000 images in total on Alamy) for a 5-year license world-wide as textbook editorial print (and e-book) inside 1 page.


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