#26 – Tractor tire tracks

Tractor tire tracks, France. [Alamy image ref. BRYYJ5]

Having described in the previous article the sale of of an image of compressed cardboard cartons photographed at the rear of a superstore in Chatellerault, I’m staying on the theme of “where there’s muck there’s brass” with an image of muddy tyre tracks left on a country road by a tractor leaving a farm field.And having received a fair amount of ribbing from the usual suspects on the Alamy Forum last week (I can’t post a link because the Alamy moderator deleted the thread – again – without informing me as original poster with valid a reason as to why) after I mentioned the very active DailyMile  site, which I joined recently, and its promotion of healthy exercise (which the Forum jokers ridiculed) I thought it somewhat appropriate in response to use the above image as an example of what you can not only see, but easily stop to photograph, when you are out walking or cycling rather than driving a car.Until ten months ago I used to drive everywhere when I thought about taking some more images for ‘stock’. It was always the case of thinking I had to go further and further afield to photograph anything new. But circumstances changed… despite being quite slim and much fitter than average, I suffered a series of TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attacks) because of an unrelated stress issue.As a result I found my photo opportunities were confined to within a 15 km circle from my base… a distance comfortably ridden ‘out-and-back’ on my fixie so enabling me to be back with my paralyzed wife within a 90 minute time-frame.

And it has opened my eyes to photo opportunities… no need any more to keep my eyes on the road ahead when driving at speed on four wheels getting from A to B – although this image was seen on the road ahead, but at a much slower speed which enabled me to dismount from two wheels without blocking the lane. I now see many more new images between A and B on my much shorter planned journeys in the fairly small area of rural France which has become my adopted home.

The number of times I’ve seen marks on the road and retouched them from images in Photoshop – in order to make them cleaner and less distracting to the main subject – must have robbed me of days from my life… so it was a relief to find these fresh muddy tractor tyre marks in pristine condition and only have to apply a slight tweak in the contrast to make them stand out and become the main subject in themselves. What also helped was that the country land had recently been newly resurfaced… so there were few, if any, other distracting marks to spoil the subject.

The field of unharvested sunflowers in the background was a little messy… but I had no choice in the angle of the shot as behind me was a total unphotogenic mess. I suppose I should have also photographed that as well… but there’s a limit to the shots you can have of visual crap. I’ve illustrated and described two on consecutive weekends which have sold… so readers will get the idea!

Licensed by Alamy under my “Farming Today” pseudonym for use as a single-use poster for a German company in the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector for a one month period.


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